How to breed shugabush

How to breed shugabush with VIDEO | Best way | Work 100%

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Do you want to make shugabush? Many My Singing Monster players are trying to create or breed shugabush on their account. Unfortunately, the shugabush breed is not as easy as you think.

How to breed shugabush

There are many players who fail to breed shugabush. In this Post, we will give you a trick to breed shugabush easily. Let’s check it out!

Breeding Shugabush in my singing monster

Before breeding, you should know a few things about shugabush. In the following, we will describe about shugabush that you need to know.

Monsters: Shugabush

Founded : On 29th July 2003

Breeding time: 35 hours

Place : Plan Island

Shugabush first appeared in My Singing Monster in 2003. Shugabush was first found on Plant Island. If you want to hatch shugabush, it will take you 35 hours. You can breed them on Plant Island.

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You can read the full tutorial below. We have got the best trick to breed shugabush easily. Follow the guide down below!

How to breed Shugabush the best way

Breeding shugabush is not difficult if you know the trick. For shugabush breeding it is very easy to do. You don’t need to do any special tricks for breeding them. By doing this trick, it will be easier for you to hatch your shugabush.

1. Log into your account.

2. Make sure you have a bowgart & clamble.

3. Go to Plant Island.

4. Breeds Bowgart & Clamble

5. Wait up to 31 hours for the eggs to hatch.

6. Do breeding several times until you get shugabush.

Tips: You can use a wishing torch to help you get shugabush.

After you do the trick above, we can’t be sure that you will succeed in hatching shugabush in one try. You may need to do a few tries until you get your first shugabush.

Once you get your first shugabush it will be easier to breed other shugabush. You can breed shugabush with any Monster to get new shugabush.

Breeding shugabush is only difficult the first time you try the breed. Once you get one shugabush, you can combine it with any monster to get a new shugabush.

This trick is the best way to breed shugabush so far. We haven’t found another trick that works better than this trick.

NOTE: If you want to get shugabush more easily, try to breed them on shugabush island. This will make your probability of successful breeding shugabush bigger. We hope it works well on your account. good luck!

Why can’t i breed shugabush?

Many players have experienced this problem. We can’t give you a definite reason why this happened to you. There are many factors that can cause why you fail to breed shugabush. One of the most important factors is the combination you do.

Not all monster combinations produce shugabush. Even the above tricks can’t guarantee you get shugabush in one try. You will need to do a few tries until you get your own shugabush.

We highly recommend you to do the trick above. This trick will help you get shugabush more easily. We found this trick on the internet. Many players have proven this. It’s been working very well until now.