How to get to 8chan

How to get to 8chan | UPDATED | All Explanation

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Many people on the internet are curious about 8chan. This is an inappropriate website to be online on the internet. There are many people who agree if the site is taken down. There are many hackers trying to DDOS the site. If this really happens, 8chan will no longer be accessible.

Then, how do you access 8chan now? Where do 8chan users go? Well, we will provide an explanation for all of you below.

What is 8chan actually?

Fredrick Brennan is the founder of 8chan. You can find him on the internet. Even though he doesn’t have a normal physique, Brennan was able to get the 8chan website online to the internet. Everyone can access this even though it’s an illegal website.

You can make any post here. Most of the content you will find on 8chan is racist content and child p*rnography. Many people say that 8chan should be taken down because it does not provide any benefit to the public.

Actually, 8chan wasn’t the only website that was taken down. There are many illegal websites that experience the same thing. Don’t worry, they will all come back to the internet with a new brand. Nothing can stop them.

If they are taken down again, they will create a new domain again to return to the internet. This is a natural thing for deep web admins to do. We will give you a tutorial to access 8chan easily. You can access it without using any vpn at all. Just use google chrome as usual.

How to get to 8chan easily

You will not be able to access 8chan at any time. This website has been removed because many people don’t want 8chan online to the internet. Many hackers are trying to take down 8chan. If you want to access 8chan, it has been renamed 8kun.

8chan keeps changing names to avoid DDOS attacks from hackers. They want to take it down because 8chan doesn’t provide any benefits at all. Lots of racist content and child p*rnography there.

8chan changed their brand to 8kun. You can access this via However, a few months later it changed to 8chan will keep changing domains to avoid hackers. 8chan tries to get online again despite receiving many rejections from people.

To get into 8chan, you can copy & paste the link below.

This is the 8chan link that is still working today. You can see how the site looks below.


How to get to 8chan

We cannot guarantee that you can access this link forever. 8chan admin will continue to rebrand 8chan to avoid hackers. 8chan always gets resistance from hackers and the government. If doesn’t work anymore, you can try another domain extension.

Usually, the admin will move the site to a new domain. You can try,,, or anything. The admin will usually just change the domain extension. Until this post was made, can still be easily accessed via Google Chrome.

The Reason why 8chan moved to 8kun

8kun is a new brand from 8chan. 8chan is the origin of 8kun. The admin changed the brand to avoid the hackers. As you know, 8chan is an illegal website. Even this includes the deep web category.

Not everyone is eligible to access this website. 8chan contains content that is unfit for public viewing. You will find a lot of racist video content here. You can even find child p*rn videos on 8chan.

This is the main reason 8chan is always trying to get online in secret. There are many websites that have been blocked by the government. They will all be online again with a new brand. They will appear on the internet under a different domain name.

Why i can’t acces 8kun anymore?

Currently, 8chan can be accessed through Previously, 8chan could be accessed via The admin will keep changing domains to avoid DDOS attacks. If you can’t access 8kun, this means the admin has moved the site to a new domain.

You don’t need to worry. Usually, the admin will only change the domain extension. It’s like moved to You can try by changing the domain extension like .org, .me, .us, and more. Just try yourself. Good luck!